About Our Cakes

Only the best ingredients are used in everything made at Drago Sisters Bakery. Real butter, creams and eggs; NEVER margarine, powdered milks or powdered eggs. Everything you see at the Bakery is made in-house, no premade items whatsoever. They absolutely love what they do and their goal is to show that love in everything prepared for you!


Custom Cakes are customized to your greatest expectations and our goal is to exceed those expectations.


There are five different case cakes daily, which are not only delicious but look as good as they taste. The cakes are 7” Rounds and are as follows:

Cakes Description
Death by Chocolate Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse Filling, Chocolate
Buttercream, with Chocolate Ganache Drips.
Marble Cake Vanilla and Chocolate swirled cake, Bavarian Cream Filling, Vanilla
Buttercream, with Chocolate Ganache Drips.
Red Velvet Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream Filling, as well as
Cream Cheese Buttercream.
Salted Caramel Caramel Cake, Caramel Filling, with Caramel Rosette Buttercream.
Vanilla Cake Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling , Vanilla Buttercream with
Candy Balls all around it.


Cakes Description
German Chocolate German Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Buttercream Filling,
With German Icing (Coconut and Pecans), with Chocolate Buttercream
Oreo Oreo Cake, White Chocolate Mouse with crumbled Oreo Filling and an
Oreo Buttercream with White Chocolate Ganache Drips.
Pumpkin Pumpkin Cake, Cheesecake Filling, and Cinnamon Cream
Cheese Rosette Buttercream.
Strawberry Strawberry Cake, Strawberry and Cream Filling, and Swiss Meringue
Rosette Buttercream.
Peppermint White Chocolate Cake, White Chocolate Mousse Filling, with
Marbled Red and White Peppermint Buttercream


Cakes Description
Tiramisu Coffee Liqueur Soaked Lady Fingers, layered with Mascarpone Whip

TreshLeches Vanilla Cake soaked in three different milks and creams, with a
Whip Cream Frosting